Monthly Archives: June 2012

Celebrating San Juan Bautista

Even though the Nicaraguan government does not endorse a specific religion, the majority of the residents here are Roman Catholic (about 72%). As for other religions, there is a rapid growth of Evangelical congregations (at about 15%) and some Moravian churches on the Caribbean coast. Most of the country affiliates with some denomination of religion, so […]

Ceviche in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua ceviche is a very popular dish and one of our personal favorite meals here. Nicaraguan ceviche is cooked with raw fish (or other creatures of the sea), onion, peppers, lime juice, ketchup and hot sauce. It’s simple to make and typically consumed with crackers and beer. There are lots of different fish here […]

Happy Living in Nicaragua

As I sit here on our porch looking out over the streets of San Juan, I look up at the clear sky filled with stars and can’t help but have a huge smile on my face. The electricity is out and the whole town is dark. But I can hear laughter, music, conversation in Spanish and the different sounds […]