Monthly Archives: July 2012

Arriving at Laguna de Apoyo

As we approached the large wooden gates of Laguna de Apoyo Lodge, the three dogs, Mod, Congo, and Dew, came up to the SUV eager to greet their guests. Gord opened the door and the little black dog, Congo, jumped in with excitement. Victor, the security guard/gardener, opened the gates and welcomed all of us […]

Rough Dirt Roads in Laguna de Apoyo

He wasn’t kidding when he said rough dirt roads. I told everyone in the car that it felt just like the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland. Here we were in the trusty stick shift Galloper SUV bumping up and down, side to side, through potholes and over large rocks. All around us were tall green […]

Steve Job’s Stanford Speech

One of our all time favorite speeches. If you’ve already seen it, you understand why. If you haven’t seen it, watch and perhaps you’ll agree with us. Steve Jobs not only thought outside of the box, but lived outside of it constantly, and changed the world because of it. Here’s your daily dose of inspiration […]

Life in the Wild

“Though they’re statistically abnormal, startup founders seem to be working in a way that’s more natural for humans. I was in Africa last year and saw a lot of animals in the wild that I’d only seen in zoos before. It was remarkable how different they seemed. Particularly lions. Lions in the wild seem about ten […]