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Weekend Video: 29 Ways to Stay Creative

[vimeo w=640&h=380] Taking the time to be creative allows individuals to reach their greatest potential. Take that time to yourself and see what you come up with. Here are 29 tips to help you out. Get creative and enjoy!!

Market Research in Masaya, Nicaragua

After a few nights of relaxing in Paradiso Hostel at Laguna De Apoyo, we were both very excited to show Caira the different handmade products in Masaya. We jumped on the public bus to take us from Laguna de Apoyo to Masaya, where we planned on staying for a few nights. Most tourists only visit […]

Paradiso Hostel in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

The next day, we hopped in the Oasis shuttle that would take us directly from Granada to Paradiso in Laguna de Apoyo. As we drove through the National Park gate, we started to recognize the beautiful scenery from the last time we were here. Caira looked just like I did the first time I drove […]

An Opportunity in Laguna de Apoyo

After staying one night at Oasis Hostel, Caira, Quinn and I were ready to check out Masaya. Upon leaving we noticed a sign that sounded like a possible opportunity for Quinn and I. Tired of traveling? Definitely not. But we thought it might be a good opportunity for us to settle down for a bit […]

Oasis Hostel in Granada, Nicaragua

After the long bus ride from San Juan Del Sur, we were looking forward to arriving in the big city of Granada. Our friends recommended that we stay at one of the nicer and certainly more popular hostel, Oasis. Our friends told us that it might even be the nicest hostel in all of Nicaragua, […]

Weekend Video: Nicaraguan Nights

Here’s an awesome music video of an awesome song, sung by an awesome guy. We’ve been interacting back and forth with Dave Zsay on twitter for a while–we think he’s pretty damn cool and love how much he appreciates Nicaraguan and its beautiful culture. We found his video and got really excited because the whole […]

A Chicken Bus in Nicaragua

After a wonderful few days with Caira and our friends in San Juan Del Sur, we knew it was time for us to find a new home. We also thought that it was the perfect opportunity to show Caira the other parts of the country while doing so. We were looking for an apartment in […]

Crafts at School in Nicaragua

We drove from the first school up the very rocky and bumpy unpaved hill all the way up to the top and were greeted in front of the second school by a little girl with a small feisty dog. The school was much different than the last one as it had only three grey cement […]