Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Guide to Living Outside the Box

Here’s one of our favorite articles published about us by the wonderful Marcella Chamorro of The Perpetual Vacation. In the article Marcella puts her own funny and entertaining twist on our story with quotes from us in a magazine style format, making it a very fun read for all. Marcella is a writer and entrepreneur […]

LOOTB Abroad Blog of the Week

We’re so happy that what we’re doing here in Nicaragua has inspired people to ask us questions and write about LOOTB. Elise, from Homebound Global, featured us as her Abroad Blog of the Week. Her site is super interesting and fun to read for any of you who have the travel bug as she’s a study […]

Life Out of the Box Video Part 3

Since we’ve opened up our shop a few weeks ago, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give many Nicaraguan children a variety of school supplies from wonderful people all over the world. We made this video to show how Life Out of the Box works. For every handmade bracelet sold, we give a […]

Walking Around the Streets of Masaya

We’re currently living in Masaya, Nicaragua and love it. Our favorite thing to do is just walk around the streets and discover more of this awesome town, so we figured we’d give you all a visual tour of what it’s like when we walk around here. It’s a working class town where one can truly […]

Weekend Video: Reading Rainbow Remix

We used to LOVE Reading Rainbow as kids, so when we saw this video of the show remixed with a modern twist we got really excited. To go along with our article The Value of a Notebook, we believe there is huge value in books as well–a concept that is sometimes taken for granted. We […]

Our Breakfast Spot in Masaya

Six days a week Quinn and I eat the same breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in Masaya.  The restaurant is a little gem which looks like a residential house from the outside. It’s owned and run by a very sweet and hard working family who puts in an extra friendly effort to make […]

Dan’s Gift to Randy from LOOTB

Since we’ve launched our store, we’ve had the privilege to give some amazing kids some awesome school supplies that they were stoked to receive. This was all thanks to customers like Dan. One of our biggest goals is to be able to share with every customer exactly who they gave a gift to from their […]