Weekend Videos: Live Your Dream + What Is Social Entrepreneurship?

This is an awesome video by one of our biggest supporters Greg Fulks. Here he combines 2 years worth of GoPro video footage of him doing things all over Cali out of the box. He even shouts out “life is always better out of the box #lootb” in the video and we think it fits perfect because he is truly LOOTB. The music rocks, the footage is awesome and you can’t help but be inspired to go out and do something fun. A big thanks to Greg for always reppin’ LOOTB not only online but in your actual life as well dude. Keep chasing your dreams and living life out of the box! #fulks

Here’s your second weekend video that’s a bit different but perfectly described what exactly social entrepreneurship is. To some, it’s a fairly new concept, but to us it’s our ideal way of doing business and making our mark on the world. Whether you’re familiar with the term “social entrepreneurship” or not, you’ll appreciate the information that this animation teaches.

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