The Food of Guatemala

Life Out of the Box: The Food of the Guatemala

Moving to Guatemala, we were both very eager to see what the food here would be like compared to Nicaragua. Both JB and I are big foodies and love diving into the local cuisines everywhere we go. The first big change we found in Guatemala was that instead of every meal with gallo pinto (beans & rice), the locals ate mainly refried black beans with every meal.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

Plantain chips, my personal favorite, were not nearly as common here as they were in Nica. Both countries do eat a lot of chicken and vegetables , which we love a lot.

Life out of the box in panajanchel, guatemala

One of my favorite things to try everywhere I go is the local soup–every country has a soup of their own and each soup is always different. So we sat down on the small plastic stool on the street and tried the street soup.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

The soup was a corn based soup with huge black beans, lime, salt, hot sauce and corn chips (corn is huge here, much more so than Nicaragua).

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

Man, did that soup hit the spot. It was a soup unlike anything I’d ever tried, but on that chilly Pana evening, it warmed up the soul just right.  After soup we headed to another street food cart and tried a few el pastor tacos that they cooked up right there on the grill with onions and peppers.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

The guy then told us that we could top our tacos off with a variety of different salsas and spicy peppers. We were both SO stoked to be able to eat spicy foods again. Spice was a thing we missed in Nica, but something we wouldn’t have to miss here.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

The next day we would go to the local market to purchase fruits and vegetables to try to replicate the delicious street food.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

Photo by Kaylee Vandenberg

Surprisingly, produce was as cheap as Nicaragua if not cheaper with many different variations based on the cooler climate that can be found in Guatemala. We purchased pounds of veggies so that we could cook in our private little kitchen.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

The first attempt was  to cook our own soups using a variety of fresh vegetables. It tasted good but we think a good soup is all in the broth and we have not mastered that feat quite yet.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

After cooking up soup Jonathon took on the task of making Tacos. The main issue was he didn’t have any pork, beef or chicken, so he took sandwich meat and attempted to let the visual overcome the actual flavor of the food.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

It sure made me laugh and I appreciated the cute humor. Luckily he did make some awesome spicy guacamole that night which made up for the sandwich meat tacos.

Life Out of the Box explains Food in Guatemala.

Overall life is great and the food is too. We just work hard so that we can accomplish our dream of living life out of the box.

living life in love out of the box

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  1. MissMangue says:

    I love this last prazalete, I think it is beautiful and also the colors are very relaxing. As for the food, I have never tasted food from Guatemala. But I hope to try it one of these days. Although being in Africa which is where I am now I think something didficil. But as I say
    nothing is impossible, maybe find a restaurant where they make.
    Thanks for the post and inspiration you give me each day.

    Guatemala food .

    • lifeoutofthebox says:

      Thank you for your kind words Miss Mangue–we appreciate every single comment you’ve made along our journey! The food was delicious and you should definitely try it sometime, perhaps in Guatemala one day? As you said, nothing is impossible. :) Thank you for being such a great supporter.

  2. debrajguzman says:

    Great post on Guatemalan food! I am half Guatemalan and if the story is true, was conceived on a Mayan temple during my parents honeymoon back in 1968. Love your photos and look forward to more posts!

    • lifeoutofthebox says:

      Well that would be quite the story if true!! We’re glad you liked the post, coming from a half Guatemalan it means a lot :) The culture, the people, the land and the food are just amazing here in Guatemala.

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