Life Out of the Box Part 4

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We moved to Central America to pursue our dreams & start Life Out of the Box. Just over a year later, we’ve expanded into two countries Guatemala & Nicaragua, have given thousands of children school supplies and have had lots of fun & adventure along the way. We made this video to show what our Life Out of the Box is like and hopefully to inspire you to go live your Life Out of the Box as well. #lootb

Check out the other three videos that have captured the different parts of our story over the past year:

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BIG BIG BIG NEWS TODAY FRIENDS. We are launching, for the very first time, Life Out of the Box headbands! We are so excited to share with you all these beautiful handmade headbands made in Guatemala. This headband below is called Desire. Stay tuned for more beautiful colors coming your way. To get yours, check out or online store at!

0 thoughts on “Life Out of the Box Part 4

  1. uniq3 says:

    I believe what you are doing shows your selfless act of kindness towards others. I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of your company and how I can be of help :-)

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