LOOTB + Mayan Families Bring the Change Campaign

Mayan Families Life Out of the Biox

We’re excited to partner up this month with Mayan Families for their #BringtheChange campaign. As you know, we LOVE the awesome folks at Mayan Families and everything they’re doing for the communities around Lake Atitlan–a place that we hold very dear to our hearts. This month they’ve named it Life Out of the Box-tober as we will be giving the person who raises the most for their #BringtheChange campaign a LOOTB shirt of their choice!

New Shirts

Here’s how it works:

1. You create your own fundraising page.

2. You raise money for the Mayan Families program of your choice. There are lots of amazing ones to chose from!

3. Who ever raises the most money will get to chose the LOOTB shirt of their choice–but most importantly will be contributing to changing lives in Guatemala.

Life Out of the Box

It’s time for us all to come together to BRING THE CHANGE & end extreme poverty in Guatemala. 

Life Out of the Box

Check out the video below to get inspired. To learn more & create your own fundraising page, click here.

YOU can join the fight against poverty

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