Incorporating Generosity in Our Daily Life

WHAT is Generosity?

Generosity is an act of going beyond what is expected of you or the act of giving freely. Chances are you have heard this word used thousands of times in your life…

But have you actually made this word come alive recently? When was the last time you devoted some of your kindness to others? Our daily lives tend to become hectic and it’s rather easy to become selfish. Sometimes we need a friendly reminder that lending out some of our time, energy, or even money can be useful to not only the individual on the receiving side, but to you as well!

Some studies have shown that there are ties connecting generosity to your health!

  •      It can lower your blood pressure
  •      It can help reduce stress
  •      It could help you live longer
  •      It can boost your mood

To read up on some more details about these facts check out this article.

WHO can be Generous?

The Latin root of the word generosity means “of noble birth”, but this does not limit who can be generous! Typical stories that make news about generosity are of individuals donating large amounts of money to organizations, charities, or any good cause. Many people believe that being generous is something you can only do with money, but being generous can go way beyond money. You can generously give your time, effort, support and so much more. Therefore everybody can be generous!

Giving 3

Giving 3

Here are some examples below…

HOW to be Generous:

1. Help cook or serve meals at a homeless shelter near you.


A great tip: If you leave a restaurant with a to-go box of leftover food consider giving it to the next homeless person you see- that day!

2. Visit a nursing or retirement home. 

Residents at nursing homes love spending time with others. Giving a small amount of your time would feel like gold to them! Just imagine how many valuable stories, lessons and experiences elders can share with you. It is a win win opportunity.

Here are some suggestions on how you can occupy their time wisely:

  • Play scrabble, chess, dominoes, cards, etc.
  • Paint womens’ nails
  • Bring in news articles/magazines and read to them
  • Bring in new technology and teach them about it

3. Wake up every day and make a choice to compliment 5 people.

Being generous with your kind words can go a long way. You never know what kind of battles an individual is going through. Your kinds words might just fuel the fire they need!

4. Start a fundraising page so that YOU can Bring The Change and join the fight against poverty.


Mayan Families

One of our awesome non-profit partners in Guatemala is Mayan Families. They created an important campaign called Bring The Change, which is fund-raising money to end extreme poverty of Guatemalan children.

Check out the video below, and click HERE to start a fundraising page!

This video will give you an excellent understanding of what Bring the Change is all about.

5. Host a neighborhood cleanup cookout.

Bring your favorite people and food to a local park and be generous by cleaning up the area, while having a cookout. Make fun memories while doing a good at the same time!

Mayan Cookout

As you can see, you don’t only need money to be considered generous. There are several ways that you can get involved so that YOU can change the world for the better. You also don’t need to travel far distances to have an impact. Start out in your local community!

There are endless ways that you can be generous. Let’s make the world a better place!

Check out this inspirational video!

Think Out of the Box and tells us some of your giving suggestions in the comment section below!

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