Handmade is Good

When we set out to start Life Out of the Box in 2012, we wanted to develop a line of handmade products from countries all around the world. Our goal was to captivate each culture and bring their unique touch to our products, that of which you cannot find in mass produced stores.

Artisan Work

We have met and worked with several talented artisans throughout Nicaragua, Guatemala and Morocco to create these truly one of a kind art pieces.

artisan creating bracelet

A Mayan artisan creating our bracelets in Guatemala 

When you purchase a handmade bracelet from Life Out of the Box are you provided with a unique piece of jewelry that supports something larger than life. But also, that item represents the heart, soul, and the time that each artisan dedicates toward it. You get to rock someone’s handmade creation that supports artisans and children! You are empowering the artisans with an income that allows them to provide for their families.

lootb bracelets

Not only does your contribution make their lives a little easier but also it will warm you heart!
Remember, every contribution counts!

“No one has ever became poor by giving.”
-Anne Frank

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