Jonathon Button

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Graduated from: The University of Hawaii with a degree in Business Management
Favorite sport: Football
Favorite movie: Any movie about the story behind successful entrepreneurs (let me know if you know any good ones)
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite food: Sushi (I crave it A LOT while living abroad)

Whats up. My name is Jonathon Button. I like spicy food. I love to travel and understand different cultures. I love my family. All of them blood and not blood. Ok so why the hell did you move to Nicaragua? After graduating from college I worked for a corporation and then a small business. I quickly realized that I had to get out of this standard box and go and create my life exactly the way I want it to be. Quinn and I decided that the best opportunity for us to do just that was through moving abroad due to the low cost of living.  So we came up with a business structure, packed our bags and here we are.  Working everyday on our own projects while learning exactly what we want. Our passion is what drives us.  It has been a long journey getting here but we love it. Our life out of the box.

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