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Travel Inspiration: San Juan del Sur

Ah, San Juan del Sur. Where it all began. In May 2012, Jonathon and I left everything behind in California and bought a one-way ticket to start a brand new life in the beautiful expat beach town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. It was a perfect fit after analyzing our needs and wants in a […]

Weekend Wisdom: May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.” -Nelson Mandela Photo location: Point Lobos, California For more inspiration, check us out on Pinterest.  To get your own LOOTB bracelet, check out our shop!

Life Out of the Box Part 4

We moved to Central America to pursue our dreams & start Life Out of the Box. Just over a year later, we’ve expanded into two countries Guatemala & Nicaragua, have given thousands of children school supplies and have had lots of fun & adventure along the way. We made this video to show what our […]

The Epic Hike in Nicaragua

After setting up camp and working on Maderas beach, we wanted to explore and find a more secluded beach for Quinn and I to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching surfers and meeting travelers from all over the world, but sometimes a little romantic privacy is awesome. So we set off on our […]

Camping on Maderas Beach, Nicaragua

After the craziness of Semana Santa left the streets of San Juan del Sur, the town was in a bit of a hangover state. The streets and  beach were litered with trash, buildings were in disarray and we were all finally surrounded by silence rather than constant loud music playing till the wee hours of […]

Semana Santa in San Juan del Sur

One week, once a year, San Juan del Sur becomes the biggest party town in Nicaragua. This week is called Semana Santa and it is during the week leading up to Easter. During this week thousands of visitors from all over Nicaragua and Central America come to San Juan Del Sur to participate in the festivities. Quinn […]

Steve Aoki on Eskamekita Beach

When JB sand I heard that Steve Aoki, one of our favorite DJs, was going to come play in Nicaragua for Semana Santa, we both knew we HAD to go. For those of you who don’t know who Steve Aoki is, he’s like the Carlos Santana of electronic music–he has his own music but is […]