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An Exciting Opportunity for LOOTB

We are so excited to be able to share the most recent news about Life Out of the Box with you all. The last article we wrote, we were living and expanding the business in Marrakech, Morocco. Since then, as many of you know, we have developed beautiful new Moroccan leather bracelets that are now […]

The Value of a Notebook

It’s hard to understand how a little notebook can mean so much to someone, when there are amazing products like the iPhone and computers that can do anything and everything we could ever ask for. But the reality is that not everyone can have these things. Some people, in fact, don’t even know what an […]

LOOTB Presents to Universities

Our goal in the USA was to spread LOOTB in person to as many people as possible. After being back in the states for a few weeks we realized that there were a lot of other people who wanted the same things as us: to go after their dreams, explore the world and help others […]

Our Sisters Join the LOOTB Team

After we settled into Panajachel for a bit and checked out the area briefly for new products, Jonathon and I were very excited because we were expecting two very special guests. Both of our sisters, Kaylee (Quinn’s sister) and Caira (Jonathon’s sister), were planning to spend the beginning of their summer with us in Guatemala […]

LOOTB + OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund

One of our long time supporters messaged us couple of days ago and told us that if we raised funds to help the victims of the Oklahoma tornado this week, he would match the first $100. We jumped at the opportunity to help right away because we knew the people of Oklahoma need it the […]

Life Out of the Box Fan Photos

Since we launched our store, we have had incredible support from all of our customers. We have been encouraging everyone to send us photos of them living their life out of the box while wearing their bracelets. Every photo is unique and entails the individuals’ own style demonstrating what their own personal definition of what […]

LOOTB in the UC Davis Newspaper

The UC Davis (where I, Quinn, graduated from) Newspaper, The California Aggie, just published an article today about LOOTB and what we’re doing down here in Nicaragua. It’s a big honor to me as I remember picking up the Aggie daily whenever I walked on campus to class and I still remember some articles I […]

Baseball & Friends in Masaya

In November, we were contacted by a college student who was studying abroad for the semester in Central America. Dustin had found us online, loved the concept and wanted to see if he could help out in anyway after finals ended. He had been in Guatamala, Honduras and was going to end his three month […]

Weekend Video: I Was Here

Here’s a very moving video of Beyonce singing at the launch of the “I Was Here” campaign for World Humanitarian Day. Every year on August 19th, World Humanitarian Day recognizes those who face danger and adversity to help others. Why August 19th? It’s the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, […]