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Renewing Visas in Managua

Living in Nicaragua is wonderful. However, one inconvenient thing about living here is that every 90 days Quinn and I have to renew our visas because we are not residents of Nicaragua. After living in Laguna de Apoyo for a few months we unfortunately lost track of time and realized we had been here four […]

Traveling to Managua at Night

Before we knew it, we were heading back to Nicaragua! One day earlier than what the Boarder Patrol Officer wrote on our passports. Quinn and I were both very excited to see my sister Caira. We took a comfortable two hour bus ride that took us right to the boarder of Costa Rica. We got […]

Ideal Surfing in Costa Rica

Every surfer has the same dream: beautiful clear warm water on a empty break with consistent waves. Unfortunately, this dream is becoming more rare to accomplish due to the increase in popularity of surfing in the last 25 years. Although difficult, it is still possible if the surfer has the right tools, dedication and a […]

Costa Rica vs. Nicaragua

For years, there has been a “sibling” rivalry between the Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans. Before moving to Central America, I had never been to Nicaragua nor Costa Rica. It was all new to me. After experiencing them both though, I think they’re both great! Of course I’m a bit more partial to Nicaragua as I’ve […]

Unforgettable Taxi Ride in Costa Rica

After the bus station fiasco in Nosara and negotiating down our cab fare, we were finally off to Garza beach. We began talking to the taxi driver about his family, hoping to make friends with the man who had our lives in his hands. He spoke both Spanish and English, which was quite different than […]

A Predicament in Nosara, Costa Rica

After a delicious lunch in Liberia, Costa Rica with Dad and Monique, Jon & I got dropped off at the bus station in Santa Cruz (ironically this is where they both live in California!). We gave hugs, said our goodbyes and bought our bus ticket to Nosara, where we would then have to catch another […]

Crossing the Nicaraguan Boarder Into Costa Rica

Every 90 days, expats in Nicaragua must leave the country for a minimum of 72 hours before re-entering. Quinn and I knew our time was coming up, so whilst Quinn’s dad and step-mom were visiting Nicaragua we figured we would hitch a ride to Costa Rica to renew our visa for another 90 days. Fortunately, […]