Life Out of the Box: Naomi

The Value of a Notebook

It’s hard to understand how a little notebook can mean so much to someone, when there are amazing products like the iPhone and computers that can do anything and everything we could ever ask for. But the reality is that not everyone can have these things. Some people, in fact, don’t even know what an […]

Life Out of the Box: LOOTB gives in morocco
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LOOTB Gives in Morocco

Since expanding into North Africa, we have worked with a variety of wonderful organizations throughout Morocco. We made this video to give you all an inside look of the work we’ve been doing with the kids in Morocco. So far we’ve given hundreds of Life Out of the Box school supplies in Morocco–see Our Process of Giving to […]

Life Out of the Box: LOOTB Roadtrips to Arizona

LOOTB Road-Trips to Arizona

After visiting multiple universities throughout California, we figured that it was a good time for us to spread our presentation to universities in other states nearby. We decided to start with Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. We planned to make this trip to Arizona into one that would also include a trip across the […]