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The Epic Hike in Nicaragua

After setting up camp and working on Maderas beach, we wanted to explore and find a more secluded beach for Quinn and I to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching surfers and meeting travelers from all over the world, but sometimes a little romantic privacy is awesome. So we set off on our […]

Reflecting on on How We Got Here

  It’s almost been a year now since we packed our bags, sold our things and left California for Nicaragua to start Life Out of the Box. It has definitely been an insane adventure so far and it’s not over yet. We’ve managed to work with many awesome NGOs, find some very talented local artisans, […]

World’s Coolest Office in Nicaragua

We think we found it.  The ideal workplace.  The place that we’ve always dreamt of working from. We’ve both have had many jobs in our lives in some pretty awesome places: From Pebble Beach Golf Course To beautiful little Carmel, CA To Disney World To the heart of downtown San Francisco To a warehouse full […]

Quinn’s Secret Garden in Nicaragua

One of my favorite movies growing up was the classic film, The Secret Garden. I watched it over and over again with my mom and since then I’ve always had a secret desire to have a little garden of my own. For the first time in my life, here in Laguna de Apoyo, I have […]

A Typical Day at the Hostel

We thought it might be interesting to break down–hour by hour–what a typical day here at the hostel is like through the eyes of JB. Of course each day is a bit different with its own unique and interesting twists, but it’s a good general idea of what an average day of running the hostel […]

The Beautiful Laguna de Apoyo

Its safe to say that our front and backyard is, hands down, one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The property is in the heart of the jungle and on the edge of a volcanic crater. It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the property really is, so I just say […]