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5 Budget Travel Tips

Here at Life Out of the Box we encourage everyone of all ages to go see the world and we know from experience that you don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to do so. When we left California to move to Nicaragua, we knew we had to maximize and budget the […]

Back Home In Panajachel

  We made the descent down into the green mountains that surround Lake Atitlán. The windy roads made everyone sway in the chicken bus back and forth. We passed the very first town that we gave school supplies to with Mayan Families, San Jorge, and I instantly got butterflies. Waves of memories rushed over me […]

The Overnight Bus Ride from San Cristobal to Oaxaca

After spending a few days in San Cristobal exploring the town and the various markets, we were excited to continue our journey to another area of Mexico. We packed our bags again and headed to the bus station to catch a bus that would take us form San Cristobal to Oaxaca over night. As we […]

LOOTB in San Cristobal, Mexico

After a crazy adventure at the boarder of Nicaragua and Guatemala we were excited to be back on the road heading to our new destination in Mexico: San Cristobal.  We jumped into the shuttle at the Mexican border we reflected on how lucky we were.  Every little speed bump that we had encountered so far […]

LOOTB On the Move Again!

After living in Guatemala, developing lots of new Life Out of the Box products with women cooperatives and giving to lots of children including, students attending several preschools around Lake Atitlán with Mayan families, it’s time to keep this journey going. The business is sustainable here in Guatemala now with our strong connections between us, our […]

The Journey to Panajachel, Guatemala

We jumped on the moving bus in the Antigua bus station in hopes that this bus was going directly to Panajachel!  Just as we pulled out of the station, we were stopped right in front of a motionless man lying on the street with people and police all around.  It looked like a pretty bad accident, especially […]

Living Like a Local in Antigua

The next morning we got up bright and early ready to get our day started. We knew we had to find a local market so that we could get some local grub for the local price. On the way to the market we noticed a Burger King across the street that made us both crave […]

Arriving in Guatemala

After one heck of a bus ride adventure getting from Nicaragua to Guatemala City we couldn’t wait to put our backpacks down and get back to work. As we got off the bus, we realized that the climate was significantly colder. We were freezing and literally only had one sweatshirt between us both. We bundled […]

An 18 Hour Bus Ride Through Central America

We were so relieved to finally be on a chicken bus on this Honduras/Nicaragua border after all of the craziness in Estelí went down. We were eager to get on the road to our new future home in Guatemala, but first we had to wait in line to get our passports stamped and cross into […]

Our Crazy Border Crossing in Nicaragua

We started our new journey to Guatemala in typical LOOTB fashion with a crazy learning experience. We had crossed the boarder from Nicaragua to Costa Rica many times before with no issues–this boarder crossing to get to Guatemala, however, was VERY different. Check it out. Be a part of our journey. Be a part of Life Out […]