Lightning in Nicaragua

Watch while reading to truly feel like you’re here with us during the stormy nights. 

The lightning storms that happen every other evening here in Nicaragua are some the most spectacular storms we’ve ever seen. We like to describe them as nature’s firework show. The lightening lights up the sky and is followed by thunder that sounds like a bomb exploded which makes the whole town vibrate. It is quite a scene.

The dark side of the lightning storms is that they constantly cause the electricity to go out. The power doesn’t usually come back on for about five hours. The worst part is not having a fan while sleeping, it’s just too hot! However, we both appreciate the opportunity to really take in Nicaragua’s natural surroundings. It’s the perfect excuse to take a break from the 10+ hour day of work.

The storms are usually brief as the clouds move quickly. So, as is passes by, we just sit back and enjoy. It’s mother natures amazing way of keeping us one with nature.

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