Visiting the Doctor in Nicaragua

Fortunately, we’ve only had to go to the doctor once since we moved here to Nicaragua. Our visit was due to me having eczema–an itchy skin rash often from increased exposure to humidity and sun. Quinn and I visited the pharmacy three blocks down the road from our apartment that we had found on our walk to Pali.

We went in and spoke to the pharmacist. I tried to explain to the woman at the counter, using a lot of hand motions, what eczema was. As the woman shook her head in confusion, the doctor of the pharmacy walked out of the back room (yes doctor, not pharmacist. The doctors work in the pharmacies here. How convenient right? One stop shop).

He told me that he knew exactly what I was talking about and then named all of the symptoms I had. He also explained to me the causes of excima, giving me more of an understanding about the rash than I knew before. He quickly gave me a prescription for a medicinal cream which he said would take care of the itching.

I paid just $1.48 and we were on our way home. I am very happy to say the cream works extremely well and its actually been very useful to Quinn as well whenever she gets the occasional mosquito bite. I am thankful to know that we both have access to a doctor just down the road if ever we need one.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Maybe Miss Rose could use some? She now has Husband Hawkins to apply it to her back and neck. She does suffer so with itchy, scratchy allergies

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