A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

In this moment I’m thinking, “Babe! PLEASE take this photo as soon as possible.” You can probably see these words in my eye. I’m nervous. Cautious of everything around me, hoping that no one around us sees our iPhone. We’re at the local Rodeo for the first time and I’m completely overwhelmed (in a good way) with the craziness that’s going on around me. It’s hot and humid. There’s thunder roaring. The sky is dark. It’s about to rain. No, it’s about to pour. Some drunk guy just got rammed by a large skinny white bull and was pulled through the fence to get away. There are a bunch of kids in front of me sitting on the top of the fence screaming as the bull runs along the fence right by them. The air is humid. The loud antsy music is blaring as we’re literally right next to the big black speakers. I start to feel raindrops on my shoulders. “Mango! Mangos Mangos! Con chile!” a large Nicaraguan woman yells behind me. Yum, yes please. BOOM. An extremely loud firecracker goes off right behind me next to the speaker. Ok I think it’s time to go. NOW. Let’s get this footage, grab a bag of mangos and run back home before the rain starts pouring down.

As soon as I think this, JB takes the photo and it starts raining cats and dogs. Let’s go! What a day.

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