Video of Daniel Ortega’s Campaign

We found this video of Daniel Ortega’s presidential campaign and thought it was so different compared to any political video we’d ever seen in America. The television commercial is full of young people dancing, signing, and praising Ortega. It almost has an eerie feeling to it. We felt obligated to share with you. What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Video of Daniel Ortega’s Campaign

  1. Danielle Ward says:

    Very different from the stuff he was putting out when he first came to power in the 1980's. Back then it was all about supporting the campesinos and pushing back the "Yankee Imperialist Aggressors." (Know cause I lived there for a year and was called a "Yankita;" parents were doing free medical work.) Does it seem like his current stuff is trying to get youths fired up to support him? Maybe because they don't remember what it was like back then…?

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