An Opportunity in Laguna de Apoyo

After staying one night at Oasis Hostel, Caira, Quinn and I were ready to check out Masaya. Upon leaving we noticed a sign that sounded like a possible opportunity for Quinn and I.

Paradiso Opportunity in Laguna de Apoyo

Tired of traveling? Definitely not. But we thought it might be a good opportunity for us to settle down for a bit near Masaya for a few months, get the loose ends of our business tied up and live at a beautiful resort on the lake of a volcanic crater for 90 days. We quickly wrote an email inquiring about the position and about 5 minutes later the receptionist told us that there was a phone call at the front desk for us–it was the owner of the hostels.

Oasis Hostel in Granada, Nicaragua

She kindly invited us to check out her other hostel, Paradiso at Laguna de Apoyo, for a couple of days to see if it was something we really wanted to do. We told her that we would happily take her offer and stay at the hostel the following evening.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

We were excited to go back to Laguna de Apoyo and see the other side of the gorgeous lake and jungle–what could potentially be our new home for 3 months. We were going back to the monkeys to live life in the wild again for a couple of days. It was a pleasant and spontaneous detour. One that can only be made when you’re open and able to make it.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

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    • lifeoutofthebox says:


      If you have any questions about owning/running a hostel once you get down here, we’d be more than happy to help! Maybe a fun meeting over some Tonas? We’ll keep an ear out for opportunities as well and, if you’d like, we’ll let you know if we hear of anything.

      Quinn & Jon

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