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Check out this awesome article that Robert from Teacherpreneur wrote about LOOTB and the movement of socially conscious entrepreneurship. He talks about our Skype session we had with him and his kids, how entrepreneurs are changing the way business is being done and some examples. We’re honored to be eoncorporated under this umbrella of social entrepreneurship. But, to us, it was so natural. It’s like what we said on our business page: to this new generation, money is no longer the bottom line. Making the world a better place is. Check out this awesome article and get inspired to start something of your own. You can do it. All it takes is a dream, hard work and a little bit of courage.

To read the article, click: Business Is Good

14 thoughts on “Business Is Good at Life Out of the Box

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    In my sci-fi writing I explore the sign wave nature of all being, the bright and the dark side of the force. It is nice to find the bright side…. here is an example.

    • lifeoutofthebox says:

      Yeah we did. It was crazy. 🙂 This week has been crazy fun getting everything together. Thank you Sir for your comment and your purchase. It’s in the mail and we will send you a email soon showing you how you gave back.

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