We <3 Our Supporters

We love our supporters SO much that we’ve dedicated our entire Tumblr page to showcase just THEM. Check out our We <3 Our Supporters page (also found in our menu under Inspiration) to check out all of the photos that our beyond awesome customers sent us of them with their LOOTB bracelet.

Life Out of the Box Supporters

We want to encourage all of you to send us pictures of you living your Life Out of the Box (with or without your LOOTB bracelet). We’ve shared our story with you and now we want to hear yours.

Life Out of the Box Supporters

These LOOTB bracelets represents more than just a bracelet. They represent chasing after your dreams. They represent your passions. They represent doing what you love. They represent traveling the world. They represent living your ideal life. They represent connecting people around the world in different countries. They represent helping those less fortunate. They represent giving every child the opportunity for education. They represent school supplies. They represent giving every child the same chance to live their life out of the box. They represent you. They represent you living your life out of the box. Each one has it’s own story to tell through our customers… so, let’s hear them!

Life Out of the Box Supporters

Here’s how you can send us your stuff:

Simply tag your photo(s) with #lootb on Twitter or Instagram

Thank you to everyone who has sent us your creative and artsy photos to us via Instagram–we LOVE seeing where you go and what you do with your LOOTB bracelet. Keep em’ coming! We <3 you all.

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