LOOTB Gives to The Peace Project

After getting back into the swing of things in Masaya, our first priority was to give back to the kids here in Nicaragua. We wanted to go back to the Peace Project, an awesome NGO located in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua as we had gone there and fell in love with it just a couple of months ago when we ran the hostel. So we jumped on the chicken bus from Masaya to Laguna de Apoyo to give each of the kids in the after school program a school supplies set of their own thanks to our LOOTB customers. Here’s a quick video for you all to check out the kids, the program and the difference that a single bracelet can make out here in the jungle of Nicaragua.

0 thoughts on “LOOTB Gives to The Peace Project

  1. jojobuhnee says:

    What a wonderful project!! I volunteered in Masaya 2 years back, and had such a wonderful time there with the kids!! You guys are awesome!

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