Weekend Video: Revelations

This is an amazing and inspiring video of scenes outdoors all around the world. The narrator of the poem explains that she tried to live a life of playing it safe, but her heart kept telling her that she was craving for something more. She finds that her body, soul and everything inside of her comes alive when she finally throws off the bowlines from safe harbor and connects with nature. Nature is her line. Her Life Out of the Box. What will be your line? What is your ideal Life Out of the Box?

Watch and let the breathtaking scenes of this quick video inspire you to go find your line this weekend.

Happy Saturday friends, make this a day to remember.

0 thoughts on “Weekend Video: Revelations

  1. henagain says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring footage. You guys are a gem, the stuff your doing but more importantly your approach to life. Thanks for existing, and thanks for sharing it with us all! If you ever want to steal any of my stories and put them up, please feel free. I would be honoured!
    Keep up the good work. Smiles.

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