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This month we’ll be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of when we first launched the Life Out of the Box online store. However, even before the store was launched, there was the Life Out of the Box blog that documented the crazy journey of moving from California to Nicaragua with just a business idea in mind. We have tons of crazy stories that have been documented in videos and articles and we want you all to be able to go back in time and experience them all as they happened.

arriving in managua

Nicaragua Flag

lootb on the beach

We’re excited to share with you the Life Out of the Box Timeline (below) that allows you to interact with the most significant moments leading up to the creation of LOOTB and all of the special moments we’ve experienced since then in each country.

Business is Good at LOOTB

Life Out of the Box Quotes

moving to laguna de apoyo

You can read about the stories that led us to choosing to give school supplies as our give back in the business. You can see how we started off stamping our very first products ourselves with a rock & sock on the ground of our apartment. You can even read the articles we wrote just before we made the big move to live overseas.

reading at school

LOOTB Products

Check them all out below & let us know what your favorite LOOTB moment over the past 2 years have been in the comments below! As we reflect through this timeline on how far we have come and where we’re going in the future, we know one thing is for sure: we couldn’t have gotten here without the support from all of you. Thank you.


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  1. Pop's says:

    Love it! Brings back so many memories of your journey and well doing for people that the two of you have done!!

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