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Incorporating Generosity in Our Daily Life

WHAT is Generosity? Generosity is an act of going beyond what is expected of you or the act of giving freely. Chances are you have heard this word used thousands of times in your life… But have you actually made this word come alive recently? When was the last time you devoted some of your […]

VIDEO: LOOTB + ASU Students Give in Mexico

Giving school supplies is our favorite part of LOOTB, so we were REALLY excited to bring a group of awesome students from Arizona State University with us to Mexico to give school supplies. With their help, Life Out of the Box distributed school supplies to over 200 students in Nogales. For us, this trip was […]

Holiday Giving in Nogales, Mexico

Last week was a week full of family, food and giving thanks. It was the perfect time to give school supplies and that’s just what we did, but this time we had a group of awesome students from Arizona State University with us. Jonathon and I packed our car up and drove over 15 hours […]

Life Out of the Box Timeline

This month we’ll be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of when we first launched the Life Out of the Box online store. However, even before the store was launched, there was the Life Out of the Box blog that documented the crazy journey of moving from California to Nicaragua with just a business idea in […]

LOOTB Gives in Nogales, Mexico

After crossing the border, we were all excited to explore Nogales and give school supplies to children in town. As we walked around the village, we realized that there were actually very few children around. We quickly found out from a street vendor that kids were in school until 1:30pm, so we figured it was […]

LOOTB Crosses the Border into Nogales, Mexico

After a two month awesome journey of traveling along the west coast of California and then down to Arizona to speak to students at universities about Life Out of the Box, it was time for us to head back to Mexico. We had received so much support from people all over the United States that […]

Street Food in Mexico

We love food, obviously. Every country we go we write a post about the local food. Wherever we go, we are always trying the different street food throughout Central America in attempts to further understand life in their country. Sometimes it’s a delicious meal, while other times not so much and it literally bites you in the […]

This is Life Out of the Box

We made this video of us when we explored the epic ruins of Monte Albán. Life is all about living it to it’s fullest potential. This video shows just that. The importance of taking advantage of the life that has been given. Live it up because you can. That is Life Out of the Box.

LOOTB Explores the Ruins of Mount Albán

Mount Albán is an amazing ancient Mexican ruin found on the edge of Oaxaca. For just under $5 one can see a very cool part of global history. We started through the museum to read and get a better understanding of what life was like thousands of years ago. Amazed by the attention to detail […]

Hiking the Road Less Traveled to Mount Albán

After an amazing experience of giving school supplies to children in Oaxaca, we decided that we were ready for another adventure. This time we wanted to explore the tourist attraction, Mount Albán, which is an ancient Mexican ruin. Visiting tourist attractions is not our typical type of excursion, but none of us had ever seen […]