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Handmade is Good

When we set out to start Life Out of the Box in 2012, we wanted to develop a line of handmade products from countries all around the world. Our goal was to captivate each culture and bring their unique touch to our products, that of which you cannot find in mass produced stores. We have […]

Life Out of the Box Timeline

This month we’ll be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of when we first launched the Life Out of the Box online store. However, even before the store was launched, there was the Life Out of the Box blog that documented the crazy journey of moving from California to Nicaragua with just a business idea in […]

Adapting to the Markets in Marrakech

One of the hardest adjustments that we had to make to the culture in Morocco was negotiating for everything we want to buy. Whether you are buying a sandwich or a shirt, everything is negotiated. When we decided to move here we knew that it was something we would have to do at times; what […]

LOOTB Gives in Morocco

Since expanding into North Africa, we have worked with a variety of wonderful organizations throughout Morocco. We made this video to give you all an inside look of the work we’ve been doing with the kids in Morocco. So far we’ve given hundreds of Life Out of the Box school supplies in Morocco–see Our Process of Giving to […]

Learning About the Needs in Morocco at El Amane

One of our favorite parts of our work is that we get to learn about organizations that are doing amazing things for their own community in each country we visit. Here in Morocco, one of the first organizations we were introduced to was a women’s refugee center called El Amane, located in a very poor area […]

Hand-Stamping Our Products in Morocco

After a long day of searching throughout the souk and talking to various artisans, Jonathon and Aziz finally found the perfect guy who would sell us leather and let us use his metal stamps. It was so useful having a local friend to help us out in this process. Aziz offered to let us use […]

Get Out of Your Box

Life Out of the Box is all about stepping out of your comfort zone to pursuit your dreams and making the world a better place while you’re doing so. We made this video to show the beauty of exploring the unknown and to inspire you to Get Out of Your Box and explore the world. Check […]

An Experience Money Can’t Buy

After our first day of hand stamping leather for our new products, we went back to our work station in the fondouk to make even more leather tags. Although this part of developing LOOTB products is very time consuming, hand stamping the unique numbers into the leather is an essential part of Life Out of […]

Developing New LOOTB Products in Morocco

One of the most time consuming parts of Life Out of the Box is developing & creating new unique handmade products with artisans in each country. Knowing this through our experience in Nicaragua and Guatemala, we decided to tackle the task right away in Morocco. We began asking everyone we met in Marrakech for any […]

Our New Home in Marrakech, Morocco

Every time we move to a new country, the first and most important thing we hunt for is a cheap place to live—key word being cheap. Lowering our cost of living abroad allows us to travel the world and keep reinvesting the money that we save back into the business, so finding a place within […]