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The Value of a Notebook

It’s hard to understand how a little notebook can mean so much to someone, when there are amazing products like the iPhone and computers that can do anything and everything we could ever ask for. But the reality is that not everyone can have these things. Some people, in fact, don’t even know what an […]

LOOTB Beanies Give Meals & Nutrients

Our mission at Life Out of the Box is to create a line of products that contributes toward helping children around the world attain education so that they can chase their own dreams. Our bracelets, headbands and key chains all give school supplies to children throughout Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Morocco so that they have […]

Life Out of the Box’s Process of Giving

Life Out of the Box is all about giving people inspiration & the tools needed to pursue their dreams and passions. As most of you know, for every Life Out of the Box product we sell, we give  a child in need school supplies & actually show the customer who he/she gave to through the […]

LOOTB Gives in Oaxaca, Mexico

After an epic excursion through the massive market in Oaxaca, we were ready to get back to business. We were so excited to see that we were gaining more supporters every single day, allowing us to give to more children. While exploring Mexico we noticed the poverty that existed around us around the outskirts of […]

LOOTB Gives to San Jorge Preschool

The morning after we met with Mayan Families for the first time, KK, Caira and I headed out to grab a ride with the Mayan Families team to San Jorge Preschool. Jonathon had to travel the opposite direction as us around the lake to work with our new co-op of artisans and develop our new […]

LOOTB Abroad Blog of the Week

We’re so happy that what we’re doing here in Nicaragua has inspired people to ask us questions and write about LOOTB. Elise, from Homebound Global, featured us as her Abroad Blog of the Week. Her site is super interesting and fun to read for any of you who have the travel bug as she’s a study […]

Life Out of the Box Video Part 3

Since we’ve opened up our shop a few weeks ago, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give many Nicaraguan children a variety of school supplies from wonderful people all over the world. We made this video to show how Life Out of the Box works. For every handmade bracelet sold, we give a […]