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A Typical Day at the Hostel

We thought it might be interesting to break down–hour by hour–what a typical day here at the hostel is like through the eyes of JB. Of course each day is a bit different with its own unique and interesting twists, but it’s a good general idea of what an average day of running the hostel […]

Running Our Own Bar in Nicaragua

At the edge of the volcano crater, below the¬†Paradiso Hostel in Laguna De Apoyo, there is a spectacular and very fun bar called The Life Out of the Box Bar. The LOOTB bar has swinging hammock chairs, lounge chairs, tables and a fully equipped bar which we run everyday. We created two happy hours: one […]

Our Restaurant in Laguna de Apoyo

Since the previous managers went back to France, Quinn and I have had to make a few changes to the restaurant. The previous menu was excellent, featuring unique dishes such as crepes and beef fajitas. Our personal favorite was the Paradiso Tray with rice, Nica cheese, fried eggs, corn tortillas, mixed cooked veggies, tomatoes, pico […]