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LOOTB Gives to Hundreds of Kids

After settling in to Panajachel, and giving back to the many children that attend the schools provided by Mayan Families, we were dedicated to giving to as many children as possible. We had been working so much that we didn’t have time to truly explore the beautiful area around us, so we decided to spend […]

Play Time at the Library Launch in Estelí

As we all sat down in front of the main stage area with the kids, Jane started speaking to the kids about the mobile library project and the entertainment that was about to take place in front of us all. She thanked the whole school for being a part of this very special event and as she […]

Semana Santa in San Juan del Sur

One week, once a year, San Juan del Sur becomes the biggest party town in Nicaragua. This week is called Semana Santa and it is during the week leading up to Easter. During this week thousands of visitors from all over Nicaragua and Central America come to San Juan Del Sur to participate in the festivities. Quinn […]

Steve Aoki on Eskamekita Beach

When JB sand I heard that Steve Aoki, one of our favorite DJs, was going to come play in Nicaragua for Semana Santa, we both knew we HAD to go. For those of you who don’t know who Steve Aoki is, he’s like the Carlos Santana of electronic music–he has his own music but is […]

LOOTB at the Pitaya Festival in Nicaragua

After an amazing couple of weeks of giving out school supplies to various schools and volunteering with the San Juan del Sur Library & Wyoming Rotary, we were excited to keep on spreading the word about LOOTB and the San Juan del Sur library to the local community. Our good friends, Elisha and Gord from […]

LOOTB Helps Schools in Need

Quinn & Jonathon worked with the San Juan del Sur Library and the Wyoming Rotary Club to fix up schools outside of San Juan del Sur to make them all a better place for the kids to learn. They also got to give all of the students school supplies thanks to the wonderful supporters of Life […]

The Journey of Getting Our Products Made

A few months ago, I went on a journey to find some local artisans here in Masaya that could assist Quinn and I with making the LOOTB leather bracelets. After going to breakfast with Quinn, we decided to split up so that we could tackle all the tasks we had for the day. Quinn had […]

A Guide to Living Outside the Box

Here’s one of our favorite articles published about us by the wonderful Marcella Chamorro of The Perpetual Vacation. In the article Marcella puts her own funny and entertaining twist on our story with quotes from us in a magazine style format, making it a very fun read for all. Marcella is a writer and entrepreneur […]

LOOTB Video Update: Making Moves

Giving you guys an update on our latest move here in Nicaragua. We’ve got to keep the development of the business going so we’re moving forward and traveling on. Excited to share it with you all, these next couple of months are going to be the MOST exciting. Cheers, Q & JB

LOOTB Talks to a High School Class

Just a few hours ago, we were Skyping with Robert-preneur’s awesome 4th period Econ class in Los Angeles, CA. The students were awesome. They had great questions for us about living in Nicaragua, our decision to move here, our business and how we give back. They were very interested in how people live down here, […]