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New Beginnings For LOOTB

Life Out of the Box update 2017

Hello friends! It has been a long time since we have updated you on our journey. A lot has happened, a lot has changed–but we’ve missed you all and are very excited to share the big things we’ve been working on. The last update on the blog was an announcement about the great news of […]

Volunteers Help LOOTB Give in Kenya

  Giving school supplies is the best part of our business. It’s our favorite part and really at the core of why we do what we do. We’ve always tried to convey the experience of giving the school supplies to our customers through connecting them to the child they give to on our website. We […]

Gypsy Soul to Blame

The past two years since Jonathon and I left the USA to start a new Life Out of the Box has been filled with tons of travel, adventures, new cultures, life changing lessons, love, laughter, tears and everything in between. We’ve met some of the most amazing travelers from all around the world, created close […]

Life Out of the Box Expands to a New Country

Our trip to Europe was an eye opening experience for us. Each country we went to taught us something different and opened our eyes to new perspectives. We were inspired by the art, the people and the history that makes Europe such a fascinating place. Traveling teaches us many things that we wouldn’t otherwise know–it’s […]

LOOTB Gives in Nogales, Mexico

After crossing the border, we were all excited to explore Nogales and give school supplies to children in town. As we walked around the village, we realized that there were actually very few children around. We quickly found out from a street vendor that kids were in school until 1:30pm, so we figured it was […]

LOOTB Crosses the Border into Nogales, Mexico

After a two month awesome journey of traveling along the west coast of California and then down to Arizona to speak to students at universities about Life Out of the Box, it was time for us to head back to Mexico. We had received so much support from people all over the United States that […]

LOOTB Gives to Mayan Families Panajachel Preschool

After we gave to several schools around the lake with Mayan Families, it only made sense that we give back to the kids at their preschool closest to us in Panajachel. The Pana preschool is actually on the same property as the Mayan Families building and has a total of 5 classrooms. It’s one of […]

LOOTB Gives to Hundreds of Kids

After settling in to Panajachel, and giving back to the many children that attend the schools provided by Mayan Families, we were dedicated to giving to as many children as possible. We had been working so much that we didn’t have time to truly explore the beautiful area around us, so we decided to spend […]

Life Out of the Box Fan Photos

  Every day we get photos from our amazing LOOTB supporters repping their LOOTB bracelets and showing us how THEY live their Life Out of the Box. It makes us so happy to see all of these photos because they’re all so different and that’s what Life Out of the Box is all about. How […]

LOOTB Helps Schools in Need

Quinn & Jonathon worked with the San Juan del Sur Library and the Wyoming Rotary Club to fix up schools outside of San Juan del Sur to make them all a better place for the kids to learn. They also got to give all of the students school supplies thanks to the wonderful supporters of Life […]