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An Experience Money Can’t Buy

After our first day of hand stamping leather for our new products, we went back to our work station in the fondouk to make even more leather tags. Although this part of developing LOOTB products is very time consuming, hand stamping the unique numbers into the leather is an essential part of Life Out of […]

Our New Home in Marrakech, Morocco

Every time we move to a new country, the first and most important thing we hunt for is a cheap place to live—key word being cheap. Lowering our cost of living abroad allows us to travel the world and keep reinvesting the money that we save back into the business, so finding a place within […]

Culture Shock in Panajanchel

As I sit here at this ice cream shop in Panajanchel waiting for JB to find us our new home for the night, I find it hard to write.  Perhaps it is difficult to express how I feel here in Guatemala or maybe it is just that I don’t want to miss anything happening on […]

Quinn & Jonathon on House Hunters International

Here are some behind the scenes photos of when we filmed the beginning of our story on HGTV’s House Hunters International in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The show tells our story of when we first moved to the little Nicaraguan beach town from California to start Life Out of the Box. We had such a blast […]

Surprising the Family for the Holidays

When we landed in SFO, the butterflies were fluttering. It was a combination of nervousness, excitement and surprisingly culture shock. We were back in the States, back home, and it felt like a new foreign place like Nicaragua did 8 months ago. What were we going to do first? Surprise the family! Since JB’s family […]

Quinn’s Secret Garden in Nicaragua

One of my favorite movies growing up was the classic film, The Secret Garden. I watched it over and over again with my mom and since then I’ve always had a secret desire to have a little garden of my own. For the first time in my life, here in Laguna de Apoyo, I have […]

Outside the Hostel Gates in Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna De Apoyo is a very popular destination for tourists and locals to visit for a relaxing time on the edge of the crater.  While living at the hostel, Quinn and I feel like we are in our own little bubble where we can work and relax in a beautiful setting. Right outside the gates […]

Moving to Laguna de Apoyo

By the end of the bus ride from Masaya, Jon had made friends with the young local guys in the back who help people loading and unloading their stuff  inside and on the top of the bus. We got off at the last stop, which dropped us off right in front of Paradiso. We got out […]