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Life Out of the Box Fan Photos

Since we launched our store, we have had incredible support from all of our customers. We have been encouraging everyone to send us photos of them living their life out of the box while wearing their bracelets. Every photo is unique and entails the individuals’ own style demonstrating what their own personal definition of what […]

Here’s to the Music Lovers, You are LOOTB.

If music is your outlet, you are Life Out of the Box. Put those headphones in, turn it up and get lost in the music. Listen, be inspired, dream, and do you. Its your world, what will you create? Photo cred & a big thanks to Charlotte Belshe!

We <3 Our Supporters

We love our supporters SO much that we’ve dedicated our entire Tumblr page to showcase just THEM. Check out our We <3 Our Supporters¬†page (also found in our menu under Inspiration) to check out all of the photos that our beyond awesome customers sent us of them with their LOOTB bracelet. We want to encourage […]