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Life Out of the Box’s Process of Giving

Life Out of the Box is all about giving people inspiration & the tools needed to pursue their dreams and passions. As most of you know, for every Life Out of the Box product we sell, we give  a child in need school supplies & actually show the customer who he/she gave to through the […]

Get Out of Your Box

Life Out of the Box is all about stepping out of your comfort zone to pursuit your dreams and making the world a better place while you’re doing so. We made this video to show the beauty of exploring the unknown and to inspire you to Get Out of Your Box and explore the world. Check […]

10 Ways to Not Travel Like a Tourist

To kick of this week’s theme of “Exploration”, here’s a list of things to do when traveling that will ensure you have the true local experience. We have found that the best way to learn as much as we can as we travel is to immerse ourselves  into each new culture we travel to. As Andrew Zimmerman says, […]

An Experience Money Can’t Buy

After our first day of hand stamping leather for our new products, we went back to our work station in the fondouk to make even more leather tags. Although this part of developing LOOTB products is very time consuming, hand stamping the unique numbers into the leather is an essential part of Life Out of […]

Life Out of the Box + Generosity Philosophy Podcast

We’re excited to share with you all an interview we did for a wonderful podcast called Generosity Philosophy.  Kim Trumbo, the host of the show, started Generosity Philosophy to make a more meaningful difference in the world by sharing inspirational stories of people doing good things around the world. So when she asked us to […]

Weekend Wisdom: Stay Curious

Stay curious.  To see more of the beautiful hike we took in Big Sur, California where this photo was taken, check out the video we made below: To get your own Life Out of the Box gear, check out our store!

Weekend Wisdom: When Nothing Is Known, Anything Is Possible

When nothing is known, anything is possible. Photo location: Point Lobos, California For more quotes, check us out on Pinterest.  To get your own LOOTB bracelet, check out our store!

Weekend Wisdom: Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Live the life you’ve always wanted. Photo location: Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua For even more quotes, check us out on Pinterest.  To purchase your own LOOTB bracelet, check out our store!