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Semana Santa in San Juan del Sur

One week, once a year, San Juan del Sur becomes the biggest party town in Nicaragua. This week is called Semana Santa and it is during the week leading up to Easter. During this week thousands of visitors from all over Nicaragua and Central America come to San Juan Del Sur to participate in the festivities. Quinn […]

LOOTB at the Pitaya Festival in Nicaragua

After an amazing couple of weeks of giving out school supplies to various schools and volunteering with the San Juan del Sur Library & Wyoming Rotary, we were excited to keep on spreading the word about LOOTB and the San Juan del Sur library to the local community. Our good friends, Elisha and Gord from […]

Simplify. Be Inspired. Be Original.

Simplify. Be inspired. Be original. Work hard. Enjoy. Words to live by to live life to its fullest. Happy Sunday friends!! Photo cred & a big thanks to our new friend Aaron Kienle.

LOOTB Store Launch

Big news guys!! We just launched our LOOTB store. We’re so excited to be able to share this big step with you all–couldn’t have done it without all of your ongoing support and faith in us. Cheers to you all, thank you. To check it out, click: LOOTB Store or simply click “Shop” up on our […]

Running Our Own Bar in Nicaragua

At the edge of the volcano crater, below the Paradiso Hostel in Laguna De Apoyo, there is a spectacular and very fun bar called The Life Out of the Box Bar. The LOOTB bar has swinging hammock chairs, lounge chairs, tables and a fully equipped bar which we run everyday. We created two happy hours: one […]

Crime in Nicaragua

I was reading the latest issue of Inc. Magazine, one of my favorite magazines that I can truly read cover to cover, when all of a sudden we heard the doorbell ring. We had been at the Laguna for just a couple of days now and weren’t completely comfortable answering the gate quite yet, so […]

Weekend Video: Nicaraguan Nights

Here’s an awesome music video of an awesome song, sung by an awesome guy. We’ve been interacting back and forth with Dave Zsay on twitter for a while–we think he’s pretty damn cool and love how much he appreciates Nicaraguan and its beautiful culture. We found his video and got really excited because the whole […]

Caira Comes to San Juan del Sur

After the journey to the Managua Airport from San Juan Del Sur  we got to the airport and immediately saw Caira grabbing her luggage. After a few confused looks at Nicaraguan Customs, Caira looked up and immediately started crying and running as fast as she could. The last time we saw each other was when […]