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Video of Daniel Ortega’s Campaign

We found this video of Daniel Ortega’s presidential campaign and thought it was so different compared to any political video we’d ever seen in America. The television commercial is full of young people dancing, signing, and praising Ortega. It almost has an eerie feeling to it. We felt obligated to share with you. What do […]

Weekend Video: My Village, My Lobsters

While researching the internet of other projects going on here in Nicaragua, we stumbled upon this trailer. We both find the subject of the video to be very intriguing–introducing us to an issue that never even crossed our minds. Neither of us ever really thought about where some lobsters comes from and what that lobster […]

A Glimpse of True Poverty in Nicaragua

We came across this video on one of our follower’s page on Tumblr— By My Side. It’s a documentary about three women and their families who live in the landfill in Managua. There’s a large community of Nicaraguans who live, eat, sleep and work in the landfill. Watch, learn and spread awareness.