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Volunteers Help LOOTB Give in Kenya

  Giving school supplies is the best part of our business. It’s our favorite part and really at the core of why we do what we do. We’ve always tried to convey the experience of giving the school supplies to our customers through connecting them to the child they give to on our website. We […]

LOOTB Beanies Give Meals & Nutrients

Our mission at Life Out of the Box is to create a line of products that contributes toward helping children around the world attain education so that they can chase their own dreams. Our bracelets, headbands and key chains all give school supplies to children throughout Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Morocco so that they have […]

Life Out of the Box’s Process of Giving

Life Out of the Box is all about giving people inspiration & the tools needed to pursue their dreams and passions. As most of you know, for every Life Out of the Box product we sell, we give  a child in need school supplies & actually show the customer who he/she gave to through the […]

Life Out of the Box Expands to a New Country

Our trip to Europe was an eye opening experience for us. Each country we went to taught us something different and opened our eyes to new perspectives. We were inspired by the art, the people and the history that makes Europe such a fascinating place. Traveling teaches us many things that we wouldn’t otherwise know–it’s […]

LOOTB Crosses the Border into Nogales, Mexico

After a two month awesome journey of traveling along the west coast of California and then down to Arizona to speak to students at universities about Life Out of the Box, it was time for us to head back to Mexico. We had received so much support from people all over the United States that […]

LOOTB Gives in Oaxaca, Mexico

After an epic excursion through the massive market in Oaxaca, we were ready to get back to business. We were so excited to see that we were gaining more supporters every single day, allowing us to give to more children. While exploring Mexico we noticed the poverty that existed around us around the outskirts of […]

LOOTB Gives to Hundreds of Kids

After settling in to Panajachel, and giving back to the many children that attend the schools provided by Mayan Families, we were dedicated to giving to as many children as possible. We had been working so much that we didn’t have time to truly explore the beautiful area around us, so we decided to spend […]

LOOTB Gives to San Jorge Preschool

The morning after we met with Mayan Families for the first time, KK, Caira and I headed out to grab a ride with the Mayan Families team to San Jorge Preschool. Jonathon had to travel the opposite direction as us around the lake to work with our new co-op of artisans and develop our new […]

LOOTB at the Pitaya Festival in Nicaragua

After an amazing couple of weeks of giving out school supplies to various schools and volunteering with the San Juan del Sur Library & Wyoming Rotary, we were excited to keep on spreading the word about LOOTB and the San Juan del Sur library to the local community. Our good friends, Elisha and Gord from […]