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Weekend Videos: Live Your Dream + What Is Social Entrepreneurship?

This is an awesome video by one of our biggest supporters Greg Fulks. Here he combines 2 years worth of GoPro video footage of him doing things all over Cali out of the box. He even shouts out “life is always better out of the box #lootb” in the video and we think it fits […]

Weekend Video: Work Before Glory

Both of us are very connected to sports and think that there is a lot of correlation between how one deals with athletics and how one deals with life. In sports, we learned that in order to be the best in anything, you must work harder than anyone. This mentality was ingrained in us and has […]

Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort

  Both Quinn and I constantly promote on Life Out of the Box that everyone should follow their passion and pursuit their dream. Because, well, why wouldn’t you? Since living in Nicaragua we have aggressively chased our dream and in doing so we have met others that are in the same pursuit of their own dream. Chasing […]

It’s the Courage to Continue

Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue  that counts. -Winston Churchill This one’s dedicated to all of those affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Keep being Boston strong and never stop running.

Weekend Video: A Pep Talk

We all need a little encouragement every now and then and sometimes a pep talk can do just that. We found this video very inspiring to anyone who has a dream. Anyone that wants to make a difference in the world and live their life to the fullest potential. Let this little man’s pep talk encourage […]

Ideal Surfing in Costa Rica

Every surfer has the same dream: beautiful clear warm water on a empty break with consistent waves. Unfortunately, this dream is becoming more rare to accomplish due to the increase in popularity of surfing in the last 25 years. Although difficult, it is still possible if the surfer has the right tools, dedication and a […]

Surfing in San Juan del Sur

Many visitors of Nicaragua are drawn to San Juan del Sur because of the many beaches with consistent surfable waves. There are four main beaches around the San Juan del Sur bay that are easily accessible by the many shuttles offered in the hostels or on the streets–a round trip ride can range from $7-$10 […]

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

In this moment I’m thinking, “Babe! PLEASE take this photo as soon as possible.” You can probably see these words in my eye. I’m nervous. Cautious of everything around me, hoping that no one around us sees our iPhone. We’re at the local Rodeo for the first time and I’m completely overwhelmed (in a good […]