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Back Home In Panajachel

  We made the descent down into the green mountains that surround Lake Atitlán. The windy roads made everyone sway in the chicken bus back and forth. We passed the very first town that we gave school supplies to with Mayan Families, San Jorge, and I instantly got butterflies. Waves of memories rushed over me […]

Why Do We Travel?

  In life it is always important to take a moment to reflect on why you do what you do. What do we do at Life Out of the Box? We travel. We travel to explore the unknown. We travel to take a risk. We believe that taking the risk is always worth it. We […]

Life Out of the Box Part 4

We moved to Central America to pursue our dreams & start Life Out of the Box. Just over a year later, we’ve expanded into two countries Guatemala & Nicaragua, have given thousands of children school supplies and have had lots of fun & adventure along the way. We made this video to show what our […]

LOOTB Explores the Ruins of Mount Albán

Mount Albán is an amazing ancient Mexican ruin found on the edge of Oaxaca. For just under $5 one can see a very cool part of global history. We started through the museum to read and get a better understanding of what life was like thousands of years ago. Amazed by the attention to detail […]

Steve Aoki on Eskamekita Beach

When JB sand I heard that Steve Aoki, one of our favorite DJs, was going to come play in Nicaragua for Semana Santa, we both knew we HAD to go. For those of you who don’t know who Steve Aoki is, he’s like the Carlos Santana of electronic music–he has his own music but is […]

Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort

  Both Quinn and I constantly promote on Life Out of the Box that everyone should follow their passion and pursuit their dream. Because, well, why wouldn’t you? Since living in Nicaragua we have aggressively chased our dream and in doing so we have met others that are in the same pursuit of their own dream. Chasing […]

Buena Onda Backpackers

After moving into our new home, the first thing we wanted to do was reconnect with our expat friends. Because we didn’t have a Nicaraguan phone, we decided to just walk up the hill to our friend Baba’s home. Baba is an expatriate from France who has successfully opened his own hotel in San Juan Del […]

Weekend Video: Revelations

This is an amazing and inspiring video of scenes outdoors all around the world. The narrator of the poem explains that she tried to live a life of playing it safe, but her heart kept telling her that she was craving for something more. She finds that her body, soul and everything inside of her […]

Surprising the Family for the Holidays

When we landed in SFO, the butterflies were fluttering. It was a combination of nervousness, excitement and surprisingly culture shock. We were back in the States, back home, and it felt like a new foreign place like Nicaragua did 8 months ago. What were we going to do first? Surprise the family! Since JB’s family […]

Baseball & Friends in Masaya

In November, we were contacted by a college student who was studying abroad for the semester in Central America. Dustin had found us online, loved the concept and wanted to see if he could help out in anyway after finals ended. He had been in Guatamala, Honduras and was going to end his three month […]