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LOOTB Helps Schools in Need

Quinn & Jonathon worked with the San Juan del Sur Library and the Wyoming Rotary Club to fix up schools outside of San Juan del Sur to make them all a better place for the kids to learn. They also got to give all of the students school supplies thanks to the wonderful supporters of Life […]

Sleeping & Working in the Managua Airport

After the whirlwind of a month that included us finding a supplier in Masaya, finding the supplies, launching our online store, selling our first bracelets online and giving away our first notebooks–we were actually going back to the US for the holidays. Things had been so crazy in Nicaragua with LOOTB that the trip back […]

World’s Coolest Office in Nicaragua

We think we found it.  The ideal workplace.  The place that we’ve always dreamt of working from. We’ve both have had many jobs in our lives in some pretty awesome places: From Pebble Beach Golf Course To beautiful little Carmel, CA To Disney World To the heart of downtown San Francisco To a warehouse full […]

A Typical Day at the Hostel

We thought it might be interesting to break down–hour by hour–what a typical day here at the hostel is like through the eyes of JB. Of course each day is a bit different with its own unique and interesting twists, but it’s a good general idea of what an average day of running the hostel […]