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LOOTB Helps Schools in Need

Quinn & Jonathon worked with the San Juan del Sur Library and the Wyoming Rotary Club to fix up schools outside of San Juan del Sur to make them all a better place for the kids to learn. They also got to give all of the students school supplies thanks to the wonderful supporters of Life […]

Learning From Our Supplier

A few days after searching everywhere for assistance with making the bracelets, we knew it was time for me to check out the sample product that I gave to Javier. I walked miles down the dirt roads recalling the overall direction, knowing that I would eventually find their home. As I arrived at the house, […]

The Journey of Getting Our Products Made

A few months ago, I went on a journey to find some local artisans here in Masaya that could assist Quinn and I with making the LOOTB leather bracelets. After going to breakfast with Quinn, we decided to split up so that we could tackle all the tasks we had for the day. Quinn had […]

A Guide to Living Outside the Box

Here’s one of our favorite articles published about us by the wonderful Marcella Chamorro of The Perpetual Vacation. In the article Marcella puts her own funny and entertaining twist on our story with quotes from us in a magazine style format, making it a very fun read for all. Marcella is a writer and entrepreneur […]

LOOTB Store Launch

Big news guys!! We just launched our LOOTB store. We’re so excited to be able to share this big step with you all–couldn’t have done it without all of your ongoing support and faith in us. Cheers to you all, thank you. To check it out, click: LOOTB Store or simply click “Shop” up on our […]

Weekend Wisdom: The Crazy Ones

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs

World’s Coolest Office in Nicaragua

We think we found it.  The ideal workplace.  The place that we’ve always dreamt of working from. We’ve both have had many jobs in our lives in some pretty awesome places: From Pebble Beach Golf Course To beautiful little Carmel, CA To Disney World To the heart of downtown San Francisco To a warehouse full […]

Weekend Video: Move

This is a very creative and fun video that will make you want to get up and move. Around the world that is. We of course, support this message in every way–it’s part of what makes up the core of LOOTB. Our passions and ideal lives involve traveling the world because we feel it has […]