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Street Food in Mexico

We love food, obviously. Every country we go we write a post about the local food. Wherever we go, we are always trying the different street food throughout Central America in attempts to further understand life in their country. Sometimes it’s a delicious meal, while other times not so much and it literally bites you in the […]

Learning in the Massive Local Market of Oaxaca

The local market in Oaxaca was massive. It was by far the biggest market we had ever been inside of among all of the many markets we had traveled to. It was quite a ways away from the center of town and our hostel, but none of us minded the long walk. We crossed the […]

Exploring the Markets of San Cristobal, Mexico

While in San Cristobal we all wanted to explore the markets.  The first market that we visited was focused on selling products that were most appealing to visiting tourists.  We saw numerous dream catchers, hats and other souvenirs for the typical tourist.  Even though we didn’t want to purchase any of the products we were […]

The Food of Guatemala

Moving to Guatemala, we were both very eager to see what the food here would be like compared to Nicaragua. Both JB and I are big foodies and love diving into the local cuisines everywhere we go. The first big change we found in Guatemala was that instead of every meal with gallo pinto (beans […]

Street Food in Guatemala

We love the street food in Central America. It is very inexpensive and it always gives us a better understanding of the local culture through eating what they eat. There is always that risk with street food that you might get sick but for us, it was a risk we were willing to take. Many […]

Truck Rides, Tacos & Giving in Santa Catarina

The next town over from us is a beautiful little town called Santa Catarina. After spending all day on Calle Santander talking to vendors about where their artisans & suppliers are, we decided to start with the Mayan people of Santa Catarina. To get there, we had to take a ride in the back of […]

The Beers of Guatemala

Guatemala has several types of refreshing light beers that are nice and refreshing after a hard day of work. They’re similar to the beers we have grown to love in Nicaragua, but a bit different. They are sold in cans, bottles and liters. We, of course, always prefer the more economical option of liters because […]

Chinese Food in Masaya, Nicaragua

When Jonathon lived in China Town back in San Francisco, our favorite type of food to eat obviously became Chinese food. We were sad to think that we would not be able to get Chinese food when we moved to Nicaragua because, well, it’s Nicaragua. However, when we were living in Masaya, imagine our surprise […]

Our Breakfast Spot in Masaya

Six days a week Quinn and I eat the same breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in Masaya.  The restaurant is a little gem which looks like a residential house from the outside. It’s owned and run by a very sweet and hard working family who puts in an extra friendly effort to make […]

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that we both always look forward to every year. The turkey, the stuffing and of course the family time. This was the first year Quinn would not be celebrating Thanksgiving with her family and no one thought that it would have ever been due to her living in Nicaragua. Because […]