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Weekend Wisdom: When Nothing Is Known, Anything Is Possible

When nothing is known, anything is possible. Photo location: Point Lobos, California For more quotes, check us out on Pinterest.  To get your own LOOTB bracelet, check out our store!

LOOTB + Moola-Hoop

Today we launched our very first crowdfunding campaign with a new company called MoolaHoop! MoolaHoop is a new rewards-based crowdfunding platform designed to help women entrepreneurs leverage the increasing power of the crowd to fund, build or grow their business. Our goal on MoolaHoop is to raise money to expand our line of handmade products and […]

Where Have You Two Been?

Are you guys ok? Why haven’t I been getting any updates? These are some of the questions we have been getting recently. Well, life has been crazy exciting. Ever since our store launch, we have been running around figuring out how we can make this crazy beautiful business idea work. The concept that for every […]

The Veldt by Deadmau5

Quinn and I have been writing a lot of articles for LOOTB, keeping up with all of our emails and doing many other things that keep us constantly busy. One of my favorite things about working for ourselves is that we can listen to music while working.  We don’t have to worry about answering others […]

New Life Out of the Box Logo

A couple of week ago, in San Juan del Sur, we met a group of amazing friends from all over the world. We were all staying together in Hospedaje Elizabeth. We had many great nights of talking about life, work and business together. One night, we were talking about Life Out of the Box and […]